Get Your ST. MORIZ Tanning Product Trial Samples

Get Your ST. MORIZ Tanning Product Trial Samples

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When it comes to Free Samples, I’m sure you must have come across hundreds of them on a regular basis.  Well this ST. Moriz Tanning Product Trial Sample is not your usual Sample . It is an opportunity that presents itself to you.

If you’re into lifestyle or cosmetic blogging, vlogging, instagram, facebook or twitter.  St. Moriz gives you the chance to become their “Brand Ambassador”.  This could well be start of a new career for you to become a social media influencer.

St. Moriz is looking for tan addicts who crave the ultimate tan all year round, and most importantly won’t stop talking about where they got their glow from! You’ve got to have active social media accounts, and most importantly love St. Moriz. They need you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to spread the word!

So Go Ahead Be an Ambassador and benefit from:

1.  Receive Quarterly Gift Boxes FULL of St. Moriz Tanning Products to shout about!

2. Receive all the latest news, promotions, tips and secrets all about tanning.

3. You get the chance to review all their latest product launches before they hit the shelves in stores.

4. You’ll be supported by all the St. Moriz social media channels to help you grow, just like you’re helping us.

Our Take on This Product Trial!

Here is our take on this; this can allow you to:

– Become a social media influencer for ST. Moriz.

Gain from associating with the brand.

More social media fans and followers.

Attract other brands to associate with you.

Start making money.

Have your own team or agency managing your accounts to give it your personal touch.

The possibilities are endless. I feel this offer compared to other samples or trials is truly an opportunity.


Get Free Sample Now
Get Your ST. MORIZ Tanning Product Trial Samples Free Sample

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