Freetastic FAQs

What is Freetastic?
Freetastic aims to be the UK’s number one freebies site. We gather all the best free stuff from the internet and put it in one place. You will never have to search around for that free offer again because we make sure that freebie will be here!

Unlike other UK freebie sites Freetastic will only show up to date, current freebies and we will only work with trustworthy partners so you can take up free offers, free trials, free games, free restaurant vouchers and more with peace of mind.

What is a freebie?
Freebies are great offers from free product samples, free games, free competitions all the way to free leg waxing (seriously, we couldn’t make this up if we tried)! We operate with a network of companies who are interested in maximising their exposure by giving away free stuff. Some companies just want to make sure they are conducting accurate market research and will give away free prizes for completing their free surveys or free competitions. The most important thing to understand is that everything on this site is offered completely FREE!

How do I get these fantastic freebies?
Ok, so now you know why you want these amazing free gifts you need to know how to claim your freebie. We could not have made it easier for you at Freetastic but just because we try that much harder than everyone else to get you your free stuff, here is a guide:

1. Find the freebie offer you want. You can either search for something like ‘Free Sim Cards’, browse our free stuff categories or click one of our feature freebies
2. Click on the ‘Get Freebie’ button
3. Complete the form or print the voucher.
4. That’s it! Free stuff!

How many freebies can I get?
Most offers will only allow you apply once or limit delivery to one per house hold but that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for similar free stuff. The free offers on Freetastic are open to everyone so theoretically you could apply for everything! In fact, we challenge you to get everything on Freetastic. We believe that we have so much great free stuff that it would be impossible for one person to get them all. Think of it like Pokemon, only with freebies.

How do I get the best freebies first?
Join our newsletter and we will send all the best free offers, free trials, free samples, free bonuses, top voucher codes and more straight to your inbox
We add new freebies all the time so we really recommend joining the newsletter to save yourself a lot or surfing.

Can I submit freebies?
Yes, please do. If you have found a free offer, free sample, free game or free anything then get in contact and we’ll add it to Freetastic as soon as possible.

Are my personal details safe?
Yes, yes and yes. We work with trusted partners only as we believe personal information is just that, personal. Whenever one of our freebies or free offers require you to complete a form with private information it is only for verification purposes – the companies need to know they are giving free stuff to real people and not Noddy and his friends in Toyland. Should a company wish to retain your data it will ask you to opt in in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

We take your privacy extremely seriously, as do all our partners.

What is a free competition?
A free competition is when a company offers a prize or prizes for entering their promotion. It could be as easy as entering your email address for notification to answering a question based on their products. These are great freebies as they don’t take long to complete and the prizes range from large cash sums, free electronics, and free designer clothes all the way to branded merchandise. Companies operate these competitions as a promotional tool or to judge brand awareness. They really are fun and easy.

What is a free survey?
These are reward based market research tools. Companies ask you for your opinions or experience within a certain criteria and as compensation for helping them better understand their markets a free gift is offered. Offers include free high street vouchers, discount coupons, free gifts. Some companies will offer a points system which lets you build up you rewards into a more substantial freebie such as a Playstation 3.

What is a free game?
Free games offer the player a chance to try out all kinds of games for nothing. Developers around the world are keen to see player responses before they are released to the public. Other types of games are just released free by small companies hoping they will grow and be bought by large publishers, either way it’s a hugely entertaining freebie and one of our favourite free things.